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On a quarterly basis, the total number of new business registrations increased by 3.6% in the third quarter, following a decrease in the previous period.

The only sector that is decreasing is industry in the strict sense, down by 2.5%. The largest increases were in transport (+8.6%), information and communication services (+6.6%), trade (+5.9%) and construction (+5.5%).

Also compared to the same quarter last year, overall registrations are up (+3.4%). Also in this case, industry in the strict sense is the only sector in decline (-10.2%). With the exception of modest growth in construction (+1.4%) and very weak growth in information and communication services (+0.2%), substantial increases were recorded in the remaining sectors.

The overall number of bankruptcies increased by 5.4% compared to the previous quarter and by 11.4% compared to the third quarter of 2022.


After the decline in the second quarter, there was a return to a quarterly increase in the total number of registrations, thanks to increases in all sectors, with the exception of industry in the strict sense, which was the only sector with negative dynamics; Similar sectoral trends can also be seen in the comparison with the third quarter of 2022 and result in an overall positive trend change.

The total number of bankruptcies is up both compared to the second quarter of this year and compared to the same quarter last year.