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In September 2023, compared to the previous month, the number of employed and unemployed increased, while the number of inactive persons decreased.

The increase in employment (+0.2%, +42 thousand) is a synthesis of the growth observed among men, permanent employees, the self-employed, the under-35s and those aged 50 and over, on the one hand, and the decline recorded among women, fixed-term employees and 35-49 year olds, on the other. The employment rate rose to 61.7% (+0.1 p.p.).

The growth in the number of jobseekers (+1.9%, +35 thousand) involves women and concerns all age groups. The total unemployment rate rose to 7.4% (+0.1 p.p.) and the youth unemployment rate, at 21.9%, fell by 0.1 p.p.

The decrease in the number of inactive people aged 15 to 64 (-0.7%, equal to -92 thousand units) was recorded among men and women and for all age groups. The inactivity rate fell to 33.2% (-0.2 p.p.).

Comparing the third quarter of 2023 with the second, there was an increase in the level of employment of 0.3%, for a total of 80 thousand employees.

The growth in employment, observed in the quarterly comparison, is associated with the decrease in jobseekers (-1.9%, -36 thousand) and inactive (-0.5%, -63 thousand).

The number of employed people, in September 2023, exceeded that of September 2022 by 2.2% (+512 thousand units). The increase involves men, women and all age groups, with the exception of 35-49 year olds as a result of the negative demographic dynamics: the employment rate, which overall is up by 1.4 percentage points, also rises in this age group (+0.6 points) because the decrease in the number of employed 35-49 year olds is less marked than that of the corresponding overall population.

Compared to September 2022, both the number of jobseekers decreased (-5.1%, equal to -101 thousand units) and the number of inactive people aged 15 to 64 (-3.6%, equal to -459 thousand).


In September 2023, employment continued to grow – by 42 thousand units compared to the previous month – among permanent employees and the self-employed.

The number of employed people stands at 23 million 656 thousand and registers, compared to September 2022, an increase of 443 thousand permanent employees and 115 thousand self-employed; The number of fixed-term employees, on the other hand, was 47 thousand lower.

On a monthly basis, the employment rate and the unemployment rate rose to 61.7% and 7.4% respectively, while the inactivity rate fell to 33.2%.