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Mothers for Peace


We are a group of Ukrainian mothers who arrived in Italy in 2022, to escape the conflict that has now lasted for more than a year. We decided to get involved and run the marathon to send a message of peace, for all the Ukrainian children who are going through a difficult time and for those who have found a family in Sport Without Borders. When we arrived in Italy we were convinced that in September we would be able to return home, for those who still had one. Unfortunately this was not the case and even today we do not know when the war will end. It's painful to realize this, but fortunately in Rome we found people who welcomed us with all their love. Last summer, together with our children, we were guests of the Joy For Ukraine Summer Center organized by Sport Senza Frontiere at Villa Fassini, as part of the JOY project and now that we feel an integral part of a community, we have the desire to share this sporting and solidarity experience, activating a fundraiser to support the inclusion of other beneficiaries in JOY. Thanks to this project we were able to attend Italian courses, our children were able to play and play sports throughout the summer. Joy made us feel less alone. He made us feel welcomed in a new city, which we didn't yet know. This is why we decided to run the solidarity relay at the Rome Marathon, to be an example for our children, to spread a message of peace and because we have seen how good it is to practice sport. Our children are benefiting from it and we mothers too hope to find it by running together. We want to give JOY to all those children who have not yet had the chance to participate. We want to give them a peaceful summer, far from the horror of war.